Instant Private Money
Instant Private Money
Instant Private Money Training

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Instant Private Money – Is it Just Wishful Thinking?

private money banking

private money banking

What is Instant Private Money?

Other than a real estate course, it’s the practice of using Other People’s Money and it is the holy grail of business success. Everyone knows it takes money to make money and it is always better to use and risk someone else’s rather than your own. Even if there is no risk, it is still preferable to keep your own cash free for other uses whenever possible. That’s the basic idea behind this product and it is one that all investors can understand because everyone deals with funding in one form or another. The good news however is that people will always be willing to loan money for real estate deals, regardless of the times. In truth, identifying quality private lenders for real estate deals is easy when one knows how to do it. That’s the purpose for Susan Lassiter-Lyon’s training course as will be discussed here. It teaches investors how to find private money, negotiate with its lenders and complete the necessary paperwork, all while staying compliant with the SEC.  That’s a tough undertaking in the best of circumstances, but especially when someone is new to private lending and real estate investment in general.

With the finding and securing private money being such a tricky business, fraught with dangers both real and imagined, it is easy to understand why so many people are nervous about it. In fact for some people, just talking about money is uncomfortable but the Instant Private Money course addresses that concern and helps put it to rest. Important to note, students of the training do not have to pester people they know for money. The course teaches that there are much better, easier and less problematic ways of generating capital for real estate investment deals than that way. Instead of creating new stress and pressure on investors looking for cash, students of Susan’s program will have new resources and support systems to help them create a steady stream of private cash for their deals.

While Instant Private Money is not the only course on the market that teaches about private money, it’s the one of the few from a proven investor like Lassiter-Lyons with an excellent reputation for providing quality training and running a company that is sincere in its mission to help others, a rare thing nowadays. With this training system, Lassiter-Lyon is revealing the resources, best marketing methods and best overall practices that yielded millions in private money funding for her business. Now that she has shared it with the world there are countless others who have benefited directly and indirectly from the correct application of the principles, resources and other crucial information provided in the program.

One of the key benefits of buying the system now with this current promotion is that it comes with great bonuses and a 30 day full refund guarantee which makes it risk free. The bonuses include a support program with access to the creator via the back office to address questions and offer suggestions. There is also a 30 minute free strategy session and an Expert Marketing Package that provides the ready-made letters, postcards and other documents that have already tested and proven successful.For additional information about the Instant Private Money program or to get involved today, please visit:

Instant Private Money Review: An In-depth Recap for Interested Investors

instant private money product

instant private money product

Instant Private Money

is a digitally delivered training system which teaches aspiring real estate investors how to find and woo potential private lenders to fund their investment deals. The training system addresses a challenge that some have seen as insurmountable in a methodical fashion that goes above and beyond other similar programs. For many real estate investors the issue is not their knowledge base or the extent of their personal ambition and determination. It is their lack of available cash and credit to complete the deal. The Instant Private Money program was designed to provide a working solution that investors can rely upon regardless of whether the funding is needed for a short sale, a rehab, a commercial deal or any other type of real estate transaction.

Traditionally, finding money to complete real estate deals has been a thorn in the side of investors. Real estate transactions often involve large sums of money which make investing a lucrative career choice but also much more difficult for people without substantial resources. This is where Instant Private Money and Susan Lassiter-Lyons comes into the picture. Armed with the skills she teaches to find and access private money in a legal and SEC compliant fashion, it becomes easier to start and grow a real estate investment business. Susan’s program is not a brand new offering so there are testimonials and useful reviews from people who have used the system and had success using it. As with all things, the individual rates of success vary but overall the product seems to work well for investors.

For those who want details about the content, the training program is broken into modules covering everything from finding private money in public records, how to use paid sources, peer-to-peer sites and even includes training for how to properly market to the lenders once they have been located and identified. For the first 500 people to take advantage of the latest pricing special there are also bonuses available to make the Instant Private Money a good investment in time and resources. The first bonus provides the necessary documents for private money deals which usually retail for $997, the second is the support package in which the creator Susan Lassiter-Lyons is made available to students and finally the one most people are interested in, a 30 min strategy session with Susan’s team. The program also features a 30 day guarantee which provides a refund if the program does not work for the student.

The decision to become an investor is often difficult, made more so when a person does not have the money for deals nor know how to get it. The Instant Private Money training program does its part in ensuring that its students have a quality practical knowledge and the insider secrets to achieve true lasting real estate investment businesses.

Susan Lassiter-Lyons is the creator of the product and this is the systematic process that she used to secure over 26 million dollars in private funding for her own business. On her website are many testimonials from satisfied students who have had tangible success employing her tactics and training. For more information about the Instant Private Money program and the bonuses available, visit